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Rioting in England the end-result of the Liberal Welfare State August 11, 2011

Posted by intellectualgridiron in Politics.
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The headline to this article by Max Hastings of the Daily Mail says it all, how the liberal welfare state produces feral human beings who see no moral compunction at all in this senseless violence and destruction and theft of other people’s private property.  Keep in mind that London is supposed to host the Summer Olympic Games in just a little less than a year (I just thought I’d toss that one out there).

Many on the left erroneously think that “poverty” is the root cause of violence and related crime.  Cal Thomas, however, chimes in by reminding us that years of amoral teaching and spiritual bankruptcy are a huge part of the blame.  Lack of proper religious grounding can lead anybody to think that theft and violence is okay, regardless of economic status.

Did anybody notice that most of the perpetrators of this violent spree came from single-parent homes, mostly without a father figure in their lives to provide them needed guidance in their formative years?  Ann Coulter certainly did notice, and it is not much of a stretch of the imagination to figure out that the problems that infect the urban ghettos in America have similar root causes of massive welfare causing fatherless homes.  If nothing else, pride on one’s ancestral accomplishments should be enough incentive to preserve the dignity of one’s own homeland.  But when politically-correct elites browbeat you into abandoning pride in your own country, non-thinking hooligans are left with the default position that nothing is worth preserving.  Congratulations, leftists:  your lasting accomplishment is that you have produced amoral, aimless, indolent, entitlement-addled, feral beings who do not even merit the title of human.

Addenda:  Jonah Goldberg chimes in on the recent riots in Great Britain, pointing out that those who rationalize said riots miss the mark by a considerable margin.  As usual, he also reveals some keen insights.  Among these insights are that the left has effectively replaced “income inequality” with “poverty” as the “root cause” of such violence.  On the other hand, if those on the right are correct in pointing out the lack of morals and proper religious grounding are the cause of such degenerate behavior, there is not much government can do, except do away with the coddling social programs that breed indolence and thus moral atrophy.

Speaking of shrinking government in Britain, how is that going?  George Will offers his analysis of the ongoing challenges PM David Cameron faces in that important endeavor.

Meanwhile, if anybody has read Jonah Goldberg’s take on these events by now, one paranthetical aside that stands out is that what could have helped the storeowners and other business owners more than a more assertive police would have been gun rights, thus allowing them to defend their own rightful property.  Therefore, another important memory-refresher from these disgusting events is the importance of the 2nd Amendment.  Such is the main thrust of Doug Giles’ comments on the riots in Merry Old England.