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NCAA Men’s Basketball Awards, post-Round 2 March 25, 2013

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LouisvilleBball2013_1I’m not the most knowledgeable person about college basketball or roundball in general, but the developments over the first two rounds led me to notice that some of the awards I usually bestow at the end of each regular season week of college football might also apply during this, the 2013 NCAA men’s basketball tourney.

It’s been an interesting one thus far, what with some key upsets that have shot many a person’s bracket to Hades.  Although, if you went “chalk” in the West region, you’re good for the Sweet Sixteen!  Anyhow, Enjoy!

Wish I were himRick Pitino, Louisville

Glad I’m not him: John Thompson III, Georgetown
Lucky guy: Dr. John Giannini, LaSalle
Poor guy:  John Groce, Illinois
Desperately seeking a wake-up call: Tom Creen, Indiana
Desperately seeking a P.R. man: Gregg Marshall, Wichita State (honorable mention:  Andy Endfield, Florida Gulf Coast)

Desperately seeking sunglasses and a fake beard: Mark Few, Gonzaga

Thought you’d kick butt, you did: Louisville (both rounds)
Thought you’d kick butt, you didn’t: Indiana (round 2)
Thought you’d get your butt kicked, you did:  North Carolina A&T (round 1)

Thought you’d get your butt kicked, you didn’t:  Florida Gulf Coast (both rounds)

Thought you wouldn’t kick butt, you did:  Iowa State (round 1)

Dang, they’re good: Louisville
Dang, they’re bad:  Akron
Can’t Stand Prosperity:  Gonzaga

Did the season start?  St. Louis
Can the season end?  Kentucky (yeah, I know, not even in the tourney, but they were one-and-done in the NIT!)
Can the season never endOregon (honorable mention:  Florida Gulf Coast)

Play this again:  Marquette 74, Butler 72
Never play this again: VCU 88, Akron 42
What? Oregon 68, Oklahoma State 55
HuhFlorida Gulf Coast 78, Georgetown 68
Are you kidding me? Oregon 74, St. Louis 57
Oh – my – GodWichita St. 76, Gonzaga 70
Told you so: Minnesota 83, UCLA 63

Ticket to die for:  Indiana vs. Syracuse, also Michigan State vs. Duke

Best non-Big Six vs. Big Six matchup: Florida vs. Florida Gulf Coast
Best non-Big Six matchup: Wichita State vs. LaSalle

Upset alert: Michigan vs. Kansas

Must win: (all of them:  duh!)
Great game no one is talking about: Miami vs. Marquette