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A Time for Choosing November 3, 2012

Posted by intellectualgridiron in Politics.
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For weeks, I was trying to think up the almost-perfect editorial essay explaining why Obama must go and why Mitt Romney is the best guy we have to turn our government and our nation around.  I could have given a whole litany of problems America has experienced under Obama, and just as big a litany of positives in favor of Romney as the real man for the job (as opposed to the narcissistic man-child with which we have saddled ourselves for [almost] the last four years).  And I may yet write such a piece between now and Tuesday.  But as the old saying goes, in the brevity lies the spice, and there is hardly a ‘spicier’ editorial out there in Romney’s favor (and Obama’s consequent disfavor) than Charles Krauthammer’s latest piece.  What makes this particular column so “spicy” is that it gets to the very crux of the matter regarding this upcoming election.  Are we to remain freeborn citizens of unlimited individual potential, or are we to degenerate into serfs, able to do little more than serve an increasingly Leviathan state?  So read that article, then watch Ronald Reagan’s historic speech that he gave 48 years ago.  While you watch it, forget about Goldwater vs. Johnson and imagine Romney vs. Obama, and the speech will seem even more timely today than it was almost five decades ago.



1. Manny - November 4, 2012

Love your football awards list… Cool to have someone try to keep it going…. On this subject, however, and referring to the piece by Krauthammer, I would argue, though this might not be the point of the piece, what’s wrong with the nationalization of health care? I think Germany does it, Britain does it, why shouldn’t we do it? I honestly don’t know if Japan does it, but I’d like to know! Anyways, just wondering if you’re against that part of the system… I don’t know…

2. intellectualgridiron - November 6, 2012

Hi Manny! Glad you like the awards installments! You were asking about the problem with nationalizing our healthcare? Here are the problems with it: it essentially nationalizes our very bodies, it permanently puts the political discussion left of center, and the the countries that have it already do not nearly have the level of quality care, to say nothing of medical innovations, that we have. There’s a reason we lead the world in important things like cancer survival rates. A nationalized healthcare system tends to stifle such future innovations. We as Americans value our birthrights as freeborn citizens. Socialized medicine essentially tramples on that birthright. Hope this helps explain things — cheers!

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