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Hubble discovers new Pluto Satellite July 21, 2011

Posted by intellectualgridiron in Science.
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The venerable Hubble telescope is the gift that keeps on giving.  Its latest gift to researchers and amateur space buffs alike is the facilitation of the discovery of yet another moon around the enigmatic dwarf planet Pluto.  Despite the scientific community having downgraded Pluto’s status from full-fledged planet in the solar system to a lesser category (varying from “dwarf planet” to “Trans-Neptunian Object” to “Plutoid” to “Kuiper Belt Object” to “Plutino”) several years ago, astronomers continue to utilize the Hubble and other telescopes to find that the Plutonian sub-system is bigger than initally thought.  The latest-discovered Plutino, thanks to the capabilities of the Hubble craft, is unofficially dubbed “P-4.”  Not bad for a “dwarf planet” only about 1440 miles in diameter.



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